West Africa - C&I

Jointly with leading Solar Home Systems provider Oolu, RP Global is engaging in solar C&I activities in Nigeria and Senegal. Both countries are struggling with high power demand, expensive tariffs, unstable grids and high reliance on diesel and petrol generators.

What is Solar C&I?

C&I stands for “Commercial & Industrial” – the provision of energy to commercial customers and industries via customized solar photovoltaic (PV) installations.  It is the cleanest and most optimal alternative to the unreliable grid. The C&I solution gives clients the freedom to dispose of their own energy resource.

  • C&I projects produce and provide electricity at a competitive price via solar installations on-site, for example directly on a rooftop.
  • Solar C&I is also an opportunity to replace diesel use with reliable solar energy, thereby displacing dirty fuels, while decarbonizing the Nigerian energy mix.
  • Projects may range from 50kW to 5MW and come with customized demand-based contracts and additional services such as Operation & Maintenance (O&M) - The contracts are individually adapted to the client’s needs.

What are the benefits for clients?

Having your own solar PV installation simply reduces your expenses. Instead of paying exorbitant fees for the use of a generator or the grid, we offer you a customized, demand-based contract. While the price of grid electricity is volatile and can rise and fall, the price of solar is constant and competitive - solar energy offers greater financial predictability.

You will be an actor helping to decarbonize your country and fight pollution, as our projects use 100% renewable energy. Using solar energy eliminates thousands of tons of greenhouse gases that pollute the air and warm the planet.

Our proposition

We will manage all the steps to complete and maintain the solar installation for your company, including: energy audit, system sizing, procurement, installation, operation, and maintenance.
Moreover, RP Global will also finance the solar system so that your business does not need to cover the capital investment required and will just be able to save money and benefit from a stable and clean electricity.
The net result is that you pay less for electricity and your electricity rates are stable as they are no longer tied to the volatile markets of national power generation.
We offer the following options:

  1. Lease to own: As you are paying for the electricity, you are also paying off your solar system and will eventually own the system outright.
  2. PPA (Power Purchase Agreement): You will be paying a fixed price for the kilowatt hour consumption, previously agreed upon in a


If you are interested in our C&I activities please contact our Africa Director:

Leo Schiefermüller

Africa Director
Mobile: +43 664 8498856
E-mail: l.schiefermueller@remove-this.rp-global.com