Vilar do Monte

10 MW Hydropower plant, Portugal

Technical Data
Total installed capacity10 MW
Turbine typeFrancis
Number of turbines2
Modular flow1.71 m3/s
Net head107 m

Project description

The hydropower plant Vilar do Monte is located in northern Portugal, 10 km from Viseu, on the Vouga River. It consists of a 14.8 m high dam, a power house equipped two horizontal Francis turbines, a 2970 m long tunnel, a penstock and a surge tank, all designed to minimize visual impact. The plant has the capacity to supply 11.000 households with clean energy, displacing approx. 9.000 tons of CO2 every year. The project represents an investment of around €20 million, most of which was provided by Caixabank and Banco BPI. It is RP Global's 11th hydropower project in Portugal.

Construction was finished in 2017, with the official inauguration following in 2018.

Press Release (pdf)

Press Release (pdf)