Vila Viçosa

3.7 MW Hydropower plant, Portugal

Technical Data
Total installed capacity3.7 MW
Turbine typeFrancis
Number of turbines2
Modular flow1.71 m3/s
Net head115 m

Project description

The Portuguese hydropower plant of Vila Viçosa is situated in the municipality of Arouca, in the district of Viseu, on the Ardena River, which flows into the Paiva River. The hydropower plant consist of two 1000 rpm turbines, a 7.5 m high dam with a 2 m high flap gate and storage reservoir, followed by a 1.9 km penstock and a power house. The whole pipeline is buried in order to minimize any aesthetic or environmental impact.

Start of operation was in 1993. The plant was sold in 2011.

Factsheet (pdf)