2.9 MW Hydropower plant, Chile

Technical Data
Total installed capacity2.9 MW
Turbine typePelton
Number of turbines1
Modular flow2 m3/s
Net head165 m

Project description

The hydropower plant, Tranquil, is located in Chile, on the eponymous Tranquil River.
It includes two intakes, a de-sander and a 6.3 km waterway of buried steel pipe,most of which was installed under an abandoned forestry road to minimize visual impact. Tranquil has a Pelton turbines with a nominal capacity of 2.9 MW. Being a small run-of-river plant, it has next to no impact on local water usage but highly benefits the surrounding communities through improved energy stability, infrastructure and the creation of jobs.

The project, which was co-financed by Chilean BICE bank, began construction in 2015 and was completed in October 2016.

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