History - track record

1984 -1990
Start of renewable activities as part of Girozentrale, Vienna, Austria (today ERSTE – Bank), implementation of some 20 small hydro plants in Austria

Acquisition of Hidrocentrais Reunidas, Portugal, with a portfolio of some 30 water rights (Hydrocontracting GmbH)

50:50 Joint Venture with US utility Pennsylvania Power and Light (PPL, US) for the development, financing, implementation and operation of a small hydro portfolio in Portugal

Implementation of 1st Spanish hydro plant "Xerta", 14 MW, and joint acquisition of 50 % of Minicentrales Dos’ portfolio of 9 small hydro plants in Spain. Issuance of a 27 year, monoline insured AAA bond in 2000

Buy-out of Girozenrale-Group

2004 - 2010
- Buy-out of PPL’s share
- issuance of a second tranche of a monoline insured 30y AAA bond,
- Merger of Austrian Hydrocontracting Group with a Spanish shareholder
  on a 65/35 basis
- Financing and implementation of 3 small hydro plants in Portugal
  (4.5 MW, 11.3 MW and 7.5 MW)
- Purchase of a > 600 MW wind park development portfolio in Poland
- Start of greenfield development in small hydro and wind in Chile
- Acquisition of an operating 43.5 MW wind park portfolio and start of
  greenfield wind development in France
- Financing and construction of a 4.5 MW, 50 MW and 4.7 MW wind park
  in Poland and 2 small hydro plants (10 MW + 7.5 MW) in Portugal
October 2009: The rpGLOBAL’s Canedo hydro power plant (11.3 MW)
  was the winner of IWP&DC’s Small Hydro Award

Divestment of part of the small hydro portfolio and separation from Spanish shareholders, headquarter concentrated again in Vienna since mid 2011

Start of construction of a wind park in Poland with 54 MW financed by the EBRD and PKO

Start of construction of a wind park in Croatia with 43.7 MW financed by the IFC and Unicredit